Defining containers as a service

CaaS is what you get when you take the platform as a service paradigm and apply it to containers. A CaaS is designed to be a complete, easy-to-install platform for hosting and managing containerized applications.Think of a CaaS as a Linux distribution. If you want, you could take all the different pieces you need to create a Linux-based operating system, then build and configure them yourself. Or you could use a Linux distribution like CentOS or Ubuntu, where everything comes preassembled and ready to use out of the box.Containers as a service works in similar way. Instead of forcing you to set up everything required to run and manage a container cluster, a CaaS gives you a turnkey container solution.Most CaaS systems consist of the following core components:A Linux-based operating system that supports containers.A container runtime, usually Docker Engine.One or more container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes, Swarm or Mesos.A container registry for hosting container images.

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