IT shops are increasingly running VMs in both private virtualization platforms and public cloud providers, and are also often using multiple different public clouds. Reporting and maintaining visibility across these disparate environments is difficult, and having multiple different processes and user interfaces to order and manage servers can complicate the lives of folks who use VMs.CloudBolt unifies the reporting, provisioning, and management of private and public environments, providing a single pane of glass for IT admins and their internal and external customers.  CB supports 14 different resource handlers (virtualization and public cloud technologies), with the ability to rapidly add new technology support. CloudBolt also integrates with configuration managers (ex. Puppet and Chef), IPAM solutions (ex. Infoblox), CMDBs (ex. ServiceNow), and all other systems involved with server management so end-to-end builds can be performed in one step and one UI or API. Administrators control configurations and execution venues to ensure optimal placement of workloads. End users get rapid access to the resources they need without having to worry about back-end details.

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